About Us

Greek Deli 2 U is an online deli that supplies affordable, high quality, traditional Greek and Cypriot produce directly to your front door.

Your Food

Our products are continuously tried and tested by the whole GD2U team to ensure we always provide our customers with traditional Greek and Cypriot products of the highest quality.

We work directly with many of our suppliers and producers in Cyprus and Greece. This enables us to pass our savings on to you, the customer, so we can offer affordable prices across our entire range.

Our History

Food is one of the most central aspects of Greek and Cypriot culture. It is the reason to meet together as a family on a daily basis, or to spend time with friends and relatives. It unites people in good times, and bad.

Greek and Cypriot food is a way of life, an important part of Greek and Cypriot heritage and culture, with recipes lovingly passed down from generation to generation. The methods used to create Greek and Cypriot food has not changed over the years, and as a result, the dishes ooze history and tradition.

Food, together with the love for our culture, is how GD2U and our motto, ‘Your food, Our History’, were born.

Stronger Together

You can count on us to ensure we offer authentic and traditional products of the highest quality – this is essential to the ethos at GD2U. Equally as important is affordability; no family should be priced out of the food of their culture.